Thursday, June 16, 2011

A big ol' Texas HOWDY!

Hello!!! I cannot believe it's almost been 2 months since I wrote on here. There was just a ridiculous amount of stress involved with our cross country move and wrapping things up at our old place, driving cross country, and setting up our new place in Texas! I wish I could say I was all settled in and totally on track with food, but it is quite the opposite.

Believe it or not, I have continued to lose. I got to a point where I had lost another 9 pounds since I reached lifetime! I'll say that this is the first time in my life when stress has helped me lose--I usually get stressed and gained 20 pounds! I kid, I kid...kind of. :)

I have definitely not been where I want to be as far as eating is concerned. We were trying to eat through everything we had on hand before we moved, and now that we're here, we need to figure out our food staples again--it's just been a weird few months.

I DO want to say, however, that despite losing while eating badly, I RECOGNIZE how much better I felt when I was eating healthier....adding in more fruits and vegetables, watching portion sizes, cutting back on high fat cheese and desserts. I recognize how much better my KIDS were when they ate that way too. And I am SO ANXIOUS to get back to that place.

At this point it's not about LOSING the weight, but continuing the lifestyle I had to with the changes I made. I've attended a meeting here, and hope to find a good time to keep going. Love that about being a Lifetime member--and going for FREE now! Meetings really motivate me--it's never been about accountability. It was more about making a time for ME, and putting myself first. That's what meetings did for me. And I wouldn't give them up after coming so far! :)

I am loving this Texas sun and heat--we've walked to and played at the pool every day. I bought myself a swimsuit for the first time in...well, a LOOOOONG time. And I actually wore it without a t-shirt covering me...something I didn't even do as a kid. Yes, my body is imperfect. And at no time EVER will you see me in a bikini. But to shed the extra layer I used to protect my sensitive self and wear a swimsuit as it was intended, is TRULY a breakthrough for me.

I love going for a walk every day to get our mail (which oddly is at the end of our street) and pushing myself to find new ways to be active. I don't have a good schedule yet--we're flying by the seat of our pants still--but I am trying to be better than I was before...the little changes that make a difference You know?

Just wanted the handful of you who may still read this to know, I am here! All is working on getting well. :) And I have a MAJOR grocery shopping trip coming up that will hopefully allow me to get back on a healthy track.

I would love to know though--what are your FAVORITE healthy summer staples?! It seems that most of my healthy meals and changes were made over the winter time, and I can't bring myself to eat a yummy vegetable soup in 100 degree heat! Would love to hear so I can add 'em to my list!