Friday, September 16, 2011

1 point+ peanut butter & chocolate treat

ANOTHER peanut butter and chocolate treat, you ask? Why yes. Yes indeed. Because my world could never have enough PB and choc. It's truly the perfect combo. And for someone like me who just CRAVES that after-meal sweet treat, this totally fits the bill.

I love to have a bag of these bad boys on hand...though, if eaten in correct portions, I dare say we could call them GOOD boys. :)

20110916-reeces 002

I figured it out, crunched the numbers, and voila...
10 g of these are only 1 PT+

I weight mine out in medicine cups...because I always have these things kickin' around the house and it's the perfect little container for such a treat. :)

20110916-reeces 010

I love that they're pb...
I love that they're mini. I'm telling you, there is great power in telling your brain you're eating MORE than you really are. :)
And I love that they are only 1 pt+.