Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(my hubby and me a couple weeks ago!)

Tonight was the night...
I transitioned from WW member to LIFETIME member.

There...I said it. I am proud of myself. This weight loss journey has truly made me see a side of me I haven't seen before....one I didn't think existed.
I always thought it was in my genes for me to be heavy--to have big hips--to carry weight.
And while it's true that I DO have bigger hips and am more prone to carry weight than some people, it doesn't define who I am and it certainly doesn't stop me from being a healthier, happier person.

I have now lost 65 pounds. 
That number astounds me. I didn't even think I could lose 40. 
And here I am, having passed that number 25 pounds ago. 

I discovered that I could make changes...inside...outside. I learned I really could allow myself to LOVE myself. Even if I am not thrilled about the saggy skin or the exterior flaws. This journey has allowed me to see that those things don't make me who I am. The other changes...with food...with exercise...running my 5k, cooking better for my family, practicing self control...and then starting to see myself in a different, more accepting light...those are the things that have helped make me a better me.

I am excited to reach Lifetime for many reasons...primarily because now I can pocket the money I was spending on meetings every month, and still get to GO to my meetings! :) That was a HUGE motivating factor. But now I can look into working for weight watchers and I am more motivated than ever to keep up this healthier lifestyle and keep those pounds off. And I can say for myself and TO myself, that I did it. I accomplished something great.

And it feels SO good.

- - - - - - - - 

if you're just tuning in to my little blog, don't forget to check out the 29 pts in 29 days for some meal ideas--I had planned to do another round of daily tracking and posting, but with a cross country move looming overhead (4 more weeks, EEK!) I just don't have the time. But once we're settled, I will be back at it and hoping to really get this blog up and running the way I have envisioned it!

In the meantime, if you blog about your weight loss journey, I would love to share your story here too! PLEASE shoot me an email or leave a comment with your link and I will put you in the spotlight!


Missy said...

Truly, truly inspiring Rachel! Way to go! You help me to keep going, because as happy and healthy as you look I can't but help want that for myself too. You rock!

BusyMom said...

You are awesome. Congrats on making it to Lifetime!

I just wish I had half the ability that you have. I seem to be stuck! You are such an inspiration.

C Smith said...

Seriously Rachel you are amazing! I am so glad we have became better friends thru our blogs and facebook. You have been one of my very best motivators. Thank you so much. Feel free to share my blog http://journeytoward100.blogspot.com

Sarah said...

Congratulations! You worked really hard and I am inspired by your efforts and your blog.

Kira said...

Congratulations ! You look wonderful and I love you blog. I am curious, did you have to do anything different to lose the last couple pounds to get to your goal weight. I only have 10 more to go but the scale seems to not want to move down anymore ! Any advice?

Rachel Holloway said...

Kira--THANK YOU! You know, I actually found myself at that same 10 pound mark feeling stuck. I was pretty sure I wouldn't lose any more. I wish I could say what I did--I mainly just stuck with it. Honestly, it was around that time I relaxed some about the whole weight loss situation. I had been so on guard for so long about everything, and I found myself really finding ways to work in some stuff I hadn't eaten for a while. I know that sounds so counterproductive, but it really has helped.

How long have you been stalled??

One thing I found too at times where the scale stood still, was that I would go back to basics. Make sure I was counting, keep my meals simple--full of power foods--that seemed to jumpstart things for me as well! Congrats on your journey! The 10 pounds WILL happen!

Karen said...

Well done, Rachel! I'm working on Lifetime-again! I, too, am going back to basics, I know they work.