Friday, March 25, 2011

A few helpful hints, and a little about me...

I got the sweetest email from someone who came across this blog, asking if I had recipes to share for the meals I have posted.

I suppose in my quest to put everything up, I forgot to mention some basic details that would prove helpful when reading this blog! So here ya go:

If the words on the screen are a different color, they are a link to something.

For example, when I wrote in the post below about choosing what works for me, I gave a variety of meal ideas that would be equal to the points + value of 3/4 C Lucky Charms. All of those meals have recipes on my recipe blog, and I linked them over.

As you go back through the 29 pt+ in 29 days, I have tried to post and link the recipes to those meals as well. If you want to reference my recipe blog in general, you are welcome to! It is:

But I still do try to link up to the specific recipes when I post here as well. :)

As for me, I am a mother of 4 and have struggled with weight for a long time now. Using the former momentum plan and current points + plan I have lost 64 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight after having my baby 8 1/2 months ago. You can see my before and after pics at my 50 pound mark here:

And after I had reached my goal weight here:

Being at goal and maintaining now, I have actually lost another few pounds not even trying. Hoping it all evens out in the next few weeks, but am excited to be heading to a lifetime membership with Weight Watchers! I love the points + program. IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS. It really helped me relearn a better way to eat. My portions are better, I use more whole grains than ever, and we are trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into our daily meals. I've always done this plan and fed my family accordingly. I feel like it's helped us ALL make healthier choices, and am so grateful my kids are being exposed to these kinds of healthier choices at a young age.

I LOOOOVE meeting other members and people who are following the pts+ plan. It is SO nice to know others who are in the same boat as me--and getting an email here and there or a comment from someone who has popped in on this blog absolutely makes my day! :)

I have had some feedback as far as linking up goes, so if you would like to have me add your blog where you journal your weight loss journey in some form of fashion, please let me know and I am happy to add it! This is one thing I did each week on my weigh in, and it helped me TREMENDOUSLY! And having others cheer you on feels so good, and truly helps aid in weight loss and success! So feel free to pass me your blog address and I will link it up! :)

...on that note...have a fantastic Friday night! :)

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