Friday, March 18, 2011

Philly Swirl - a zero pt+ sweet treat!

Some days I want a sweet treat. (okay, let's be honest...MOST days I want a sweet treat! :) But some days I don't want enough of a sweet treat to count points for it...

That's where these delicious delights come in...
You're reading right...sugar free, fat free, gluten free....only 14 calories! kids even love these! And while we love to make our own popsicles, it's not always possible--especially for ZERO points! :)

YES, ZEEEEERO pts+ for these bad boys....or good girls....whichever you like to call 'em... :)


And if you want a bigger variety, go for these little gems. ONLY 1 pt+....and delicious!


Not feeling fruity tooty---well, of course, they've got the chocoholics covered too!


WANNA BUY??? Check this link out to find out where you can pick 'em up!


Tammy Jackson said...

Those look yummy! I wish they had them at my grocery store. Oh well. Only two more years! I will remember them for the future.

C Smith said...

I'll definitely check those out. Where do you buy them?