Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Popcorn Indiana - a low point, tasty, sweet and salty treat!

Ever find those products that just revolutionize you life?

Okay, perhaps that's a wee bit exaggerated... :) But you get my point. I just discovered (have I been hiding under a rock???) this DELICIOUS popcorn from Popcorn Indiana. (promise their is no product affiliation going on here, I just LOVED this stuff...Ya, THAT much!)

I happen to love popcorn, but usually stick to my 94% fat free microwave stuff--lately that's just felt so boooooring!

So when I saw this displayed front and center and my local non-super Walmart last night, I grabbed a couple bags and thought I would give it a shot.

um....can we say heaven in a crinkly bag? yes! yes! yes! 2.5 C of this decadent cinnamon sugar popcorn is only 3 points+...

And I grabbed these popcorn chips as well--thinking they would be foamy like rice cakes--but wanting to give them a chance. OH MY GOSH. DELICIOUS! They were more like a tortilla chip, but better. And you get approx 20 chips in a 3 pt+ serving--so not too shabby!

I especially am excited because as I browsed the product page I saw they had all sorts of flavors to try...for any chocoholics out there, this may do the trick...
I mean really...chocolate and kettle corn = pure bliss. It must! :)

And for those savory days--mmmmm....this would be dreamy!

Or even these...

If you want to treat yourself, check out their website...and click below to see where you can pick up these sweet and salty treats too!!

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Missy said...

Yum!!! I totally have my eye on the cocoa kettle!

I also love for the salty treats that are usually only 3 pp+ for almost 20 chips, are the Kettle Brand Baked chips. They also come in a plethora of flavors and are super tasty. Costco had been selling their salt and pepper ones for a while. These taste like the real deal chip too, not the usual baked styrofoam kind. ;) Thanks for the tip and Happy munching!