Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 1 (29 points+ in 29 days)

I was SO excited to start this challenge. And I had a nice "healthy" meal in mind to do so--until I remembered I PROMISED the kids we would have german pancakes--one of their FAVORITES. So we tweaked the recipe here and there and it came out just as good as the old way, but lower in fat and calories, and POINTS! Lunch was leftover from the night before--and dinner was a quick run to Sams to grab a pizza. Not  my best of days food-wise, but still on target with the points. Proof that these kinds of days DO happen, and it's possible to stay on track!

Banana (before getting breakfast ready) 0 pt+
German pancakes - 5 pt+
Cary's sugar free syrup (1/4 cup) - 1 pt+
1 Tsp. powdered sugar - 0 pt+
Apple slices - 0 pt+

TOTAL: 6 pt+

week 1 tracking 014

sloppy joe meat - 4 pt+
whole wheat hamburger bun - 3 pt+
green beans - 0 pt+
oven fries (approx. 2 oz) - 2 pt+

TOTAL: 9 pt+

week 1 tracking 017

Afternoon snack:
lowfat cheesestick - 1 pt+
4 True North nut clusters - 3 pt+
TOTAL: 4 pt+

week 1 tracking 018

1/8 of 16" Sams club pizza (They are BIG slices and so I take my big slice and make it 2 pieces) - 9 pt+
romaine lettuce - 0 pt+
1/4 C lowfat cottage cheese - 1 pt+ (I use this in place of dressing since I don't like salad dressing)

TOTAL - 10 pt+

week 1 tracking 025

TOTAL for the day: 29 pt+

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