Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 3 (29 points+ in 29 days)

We had a lazy morning, and I wanted a nice, filling meal. We go CRAZY for banana pancakes around here--they are filling, easy, and healthy! And the kids love them.

2 Banana pancakes  3pt+
sliced banana pieces  0 pt+
1/4 cup cary's sugar free syrup  1 pt+
2 pieces of turkey bacon, cooked crisp  1pt+

week 1 tracking 046

When lunch rolled around, I was still pretty full from breakfast, but knew I would be away from home with no access to food, so I wanted to eat SOMETHING. I opted for a salad--just something lighter that would get me through. Totally did the job for me! :)

A reminder: I am not a fan of salad dressing. I substitute cottage cheese instead.

romaine lettuce 0 pt+
1/2 C lowfat cottage cheese 2 pt+
1 serving almond accents -- toffe glazed  1 pt+
3 slices think slices deli ham  1 pt+
grated carrots  0 pt+

week 1 tracking 049


small bowl of grapes O pt+
1 Reeces Whip miniature (I keep these in my freezer for an occasional sweet treat) 2 pt+ 
TOTAL: 2 pt+

week 1 tracking 051

Dinner was kind of rushed. I was craving soup--and wanted to use up my leftover roast turkey slices from dinner the night before. SO I made up my own quick soup recipe--and it came to  be 3 pts per serving. I realized how low I was on using my points thus far in the day, so I added some mashed potatoes (because soup over mashed potatoes is SO delicious!) Paired with a homemade roll...mmmm...

chicken noodle soup  3 pt+
1/2 C. instant mashed potatoes  2 pt+
homemade potato roll  3 pt+

TOTAL: 8 pt+

week 1 tracking 054

Normally, I don't do a lot of big desserts. Promise. :) But I was really full at this point in the day...I knew I would not be eating more real FOOD. And while I could have had a fruity dessert or something, chocolate was REALLY calling my name. I whipped up a single serve brownie (I use the no pudge Fudge mix) and had a 1/2 C of Butterfinger ice cream on top.

1 no pudge fudge brownie  3 pt+
1/2 C Butterfinger ice cream 4 pt+

TOTAL: 7 pt+

week 1 tracking 056

TOTAL 26 pt+

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