Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 5 (29 points+ in 29 days)

1 serving strawberry fiber one yogurt  2 pt+
1/4 C special k lowfat granola 2 pt+
1 banana 0 pt+
sliced strawberries 0 pt+

food and science museum 002

1 whole wheat pita  3 pt+
1/4 C Ragu spaghetti sauce  1 pt+
1/4 C reduced fat mozzarella cheese  2 pt+
diced red peppers  0 pt+
ground turkey sausage 1 pt+
romaine lettuce 0 pt+
1/2 C lowfat cottage cheese 2 pt+

food and science museum 004

1 philly swirl   1 pt+

food and science museum 005

MEAL TOTAL: 10 pt+

This was my weight in day, and I never eat dinner before going. I had to run to the store afterwards, so I decided to grab a quick meal for my husband and I to enjoy since the kids were in bed already. I was surprised to find that the Stouffer's Easy Express meals (in a bag in the freezer section) weren't THAT high in points. Now, I like to make from scratch when possible...but this just wasn't one of those times.

The bag said 2 servings....but after we cooked it and split it between us, NEITHER of us could finish our portion. I would definitely say that you could get 4 servings from those bags--making them only 5 points per serving (and it was good!!)

***I actually rounded up on my serving size just in case--I really probably only DID have half, but wanted to leave some wiggle room with the points.

food and science museum 008

2/3 portion Stouffer's Easy express chicken alfredo  7 pt+
1 slice garlic bread 5 pt+

1 orange sherbet push pop (from Target in the freezer section, store brand--they are SO delicious!) 2 pt+

MEAL TOTAL: 14 pt+


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