Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 21 (29 points+ in 29 days)

I got going later in the day today--by the time I had worked out and showered and such, I opted for a lighter breakfast since we weren't too far away from lunch. Still filled me up--

1 banana
1 fiber one vanilla yogurt topped with:  1 pt+
1/4 C special k lowfat granola  2 pt+
1/2 C fresh strawberries

TOTAL:  3 pt+

v-day food 002

Lunch was leftovers--so nothing special. :) But paired with a nice, big salad it was perfect. Had a cheesestick later in the afternoon to tide me over, but didn't need much.

1 serving shepherd's pie  5 pt+
salad on the side:
romaine lettuce
1/2 C cottage cheese  2 pt+
7g  honey roasted almond accents  1 pt+
1/2 C green peas  1 pt+

on the side:
1 lowfat cheese stick  1 pt+

TOTAL: 10 pt+
v-day food 004

Hubby and I had a late dinner--we were babysitting and only had enough calzone dough in the freezer for the two of us. But again, IT WAS DELICIOUS. Not something I could or SHOULD eat every day--but as an occasional treat, MMMM....

1 calzone (1 svng dough =  6 pt+)
1/4 C ragu pizza sauce  1 pt+
1 oz. fresh mozzarella cheese  2 pt+
1 TBSP. shredded parm. cheese  1 pt+
1 TBSP. Hormel real crumbled bacon pieces   1 pt+
1/3 C turkey sausage  1 pt+

TOTAL: 12 pt+
v-day food 007

For dessert, I had a delicious little sundae! I debated between chocolate sauce or chocolate chips--but opted for the chocolate chips--it was the perfect little bit o' chocolate amidst the strawberries and bananas and frozen yogurt. YUM! And only 3 points! wowza!

DESSERT: Choco-berry super sundae :)
1/2 C nonfat frozen yogurt  2 pt+
1/4 C fresh strawberries
7 grams mini chocolate chips
1/3 lg banana
cool whip free  0 pt+

TOTAL: 3 pt+
v-day food 011

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