Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 24 (29 points+ in 29 days)

1/2 C egg beaters  1 pt+
1 TBSP Hormel real bacon crumbles  1 pt+
1/4 C reduced fat cheddar cheese  2 pt+
1/3 C kellog's lowfat granola  2 pt+
1/4 C skim milk  1 pt+

TOTAL: 7 pt+

v-day food 033

I just HAD to eat leftovers from our Valentine's day lunch, but wanted to make it fewer points than last night, since this is lunch and I want to have enough points for the rest of the day. I just made some small changes, like taking out the chicken and having a big serving of broccoli instead (which was DELICIOUS in the alfredo sauce!)

1 C fettucine noodles 5 pt+
1/4 C alfredo sauce 3 pt+
1 C steamed broccoli 0 pt+
1/2 garlic bread 2 pt+

TOTAL: 10 pt+
(though, truth be told, next time I do this I will just leave out the bread, Not worth the points in my opinion!)

v-day food 035

I did a really stupid thing. I was totally not hungry, but when I went to my weigh in they were handing out samples of dijon pretzel chips. I don't even like dijon mustard. So what did I do? I ate them in between errands after my meeting. Lame, lame waste of points. :)

1 bag WW dijon pretzel chips: 3 pt+

TOTAL 3 pt+

I actually have no picture of this, sorry! I was really not hungry at this point--mainly ate now so I wouldn't be hungry later!

1/2 C uncle Ben's wild rice  3 pt+
approx. 80 grams of roasted chicken breast (picked up a roasted chicken on my way home!)  2 pt+
1 fun size candy bar  2 pt+

TOTAL  7 pt+


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