Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 23 (29 points+ in 29 days)


I knew this was going to be a heavier dinner and I wanted to fit dessert in, so I wanted to keep the rest of the day pretty light.

Did another yogurt parfait for breakfast...

1 banana
1 fiber one vanilla yogurt topped with:  1 pt+
1/4 C special k lowfat granola  2 pt+
1/2 C fresh strawberries

TOTAL:  3 pt+
v-day food 002

Lunch was leftovers...

1 svng tuna noodle casserole  8 pt+
1/2 C sugar free vanilla pudding  1 pt+

TOTAL: 9 pt+
v-day food 018

And for dinner we went all out, while still keeping it fairly light--the kids LOVED the alfredo and asked if we could have it again soon. Definitely a winner!

1 C fettucine noodles, cooked  5 pt+
1/4 C guiltless alfredo sauce  3 pt+
2 oz. cooked chicken breast, thinly sliced  2 pt+
side salad (no dressing)  0 pt+
1/2 piece garlic bread  2 pt+

TOTAL: 12 pt+  (really not bad considering it was a pretty big meal!)
v-day food 021
I made mini cheesecakes for dessert--and topped them with strawberry pie filling. They were SO tasty!

mini cheesecake  5 pt+
2 TBSP strawberry pie filling  1 pt+

TOTAL: 6 pt+
v-day food 031

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