Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 27 (29 points+ in 29 days)

2 pieces of toast  2 pt+
1 TBSP brummel and brown butter  1 pt+
1/3 C Danon all natural yogurt  2 pt+
1/4 C fresh strawberries
1 banna

TOTAL: 5 pt+

5k 003

LUNCH: turkey sandwich with sides
2 slices lite wheat bread  2 pt+
1 svng Hillshire Farm thin sliced turkey breast  1 pt+
2 slices ready to serve bacon  1 pt+
romaine lettuce
1 C canteloupe
1/4 C lowfat cottage cheese  1 pt+
1 Swiss Miss fudge bar  2 pt+

TOTAL: 7 pt+

5k 005
I have to do an approximation for dinner, because I don't think there is truly a way to figure out down to the exact point recipes that I combine homemade sauces, etc. with another recipe--so I am guessing the best I can, and trying to be realistic about it.

We had pizza for dinner--homemade. I did thin crust this week, so I know each slice was 2 pt+ for the pizza dough. Usually my toppings end up being between 2-3 points, so approx 4-5 pt+ per slice. We did a macaroni and cheese pizza, a chicken alfredo pizza, and our standby supreme. :)

I had my 2 slices of pizza, but just HAD to try another half slice of the other kind to see how it turned out! In my defense, I HAD saved the points for this night, so I had them--

2 1/2 pieces of misc pizza  (probably over-guesstimating, but approx) 14 pt+
dessert: orange sherbet push pop  2 pt+

TOTAL: 16 pt+
week with holloways 110-2

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