Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 22 (29 points+ in 29 days)

Today...Sunday...perfect day for a nice, leisurely breakfast! :) I've been wanting to have french toast for a while, but was out of eggs, so I used egg beaters this time. Also was leery about using whole wheat bread (there is just something SO un-french toast about it..) but it was surprisingly good! :) Discovered that if I measure out 1 1/2 TBSP of syrup, it's NO points! But it was PLENTY of syrup! :)

2 slices low calorie wheat bread  3 pt+
1/2 C egg beaters  1 pt+
dash of cinnamon  0 pt+
1 1/2 TBSP. Cary's sugar free syrup  0 pt+
fresh strawberries

1 fiber one vanilla yogurt  1 pt+

TOTAL:  5 pt+

v-day food 014

LUNCH: turkey bacon sandwich
1 multigrain sandwich thins   3 pt+
1 svng  Hilshire farm thin sliced turkey breast  1 pt+
2 slices ready to serve bacon  1 pt+

1/4 C sugar free vanilla pudding  1 pt+
3 TBSP. cool whip free  0 pt+

TOTAL: 6 pt+

v-day food 016

Came home from church and was HUNGRY--grabbed a banana and cursed the bag of mini cookies I had on the counter...and then ate one. dang it! :)

1 banana
1 cookie  2 pt+

TOTAL 2 pt+

1 serving tuna noodle casserole  8 pt+
romaine lettuce (on the side)

TOTAL:  8 pt+

v-day food 018

My friend Crystal sent home some delicious treats (she always makes the most yummy desserts!) I knew it was higher in points, but thankfully it was a perfect little portion and I enjoyed every single bite! :)

1 Caramel butterscotch bar  8 pt+   (recipe divided into approx 24 pieces)

TOTAL: 8 pt+
v-day food 019


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